Although much of the public believes that loss of consciousness is involved with a concussion, this is not always true as it is just one symptom that can occur.  Signs of a concussion can show immediately after a blow to the head. For the purpose of understanding concussion, this paper will focus on football which is an exciting sport in America, but it is also considered the most dangerous. From middle school to pro league, numerous injuries occur and some are dangerous enough to be deadly or affect one’s future mentally or physically.  Concussions are becoming more and more “popular” in the sport and needs to be controlled before the game is nonexistent. Concussions are injuries to the brain caused by blows to the head and the symptoms include dizziness and memory problems. Through my experience football is an enjoyable sport to play and watch but if players keep getting permanently injured or dying then there won’t be much to watch and enjoy done by most people.  A debate about what actions to prevent the worse injuries occurs currently between coaches/associations, parents, and players.

Dedicated players live, eat, and breathe football whether it’s during the season or during the off season. Unfortunately, the players are also concerned about getting too hard to eliminate the addictive hobby from their life (Hunt 36). Taking an example, Sullivan interviewed football players, such as running back Fred Jackson, about their own worries and their families about the players getting concussions again. Fred Jackson only had to have one concussion to get him and his wife’s eyes to open. His wife, Danielle, discusses how it was hard for her and the kids seeing him in the condition he was in when the concussion happened during the game and when he was recovering. She also believes that if the concussion became life threatening, then they would have to make the decision on whether football was worth the fight. Fred said he was in his room with the lights off and the TV turned down for a week straight because he wanted to recover the right way. Players wonder what there is to do when it is a contact sport and one of the favorite parts of playing. Players know what they signed up for, but if all of their thoughts are about the risks then they won’t be able to play as well.

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