I believe that life is all about acquiring knowledge and passing the knowledge you acquire to other people. People learn new things daily either from life experience or lessons they are taught by tutor, all in all the knowledge that one acquires either from life lessons or through tutors is equally important and he/she should find a way of sharing that knowledge to other people. The main pillar towards education is the quality of education that is offered to children at young stage, referred to childhood education in this case. Early childhood education can be defined as “activities or experiences that are intended to effect developmental changes on children before they start they elementary studies”, Barnett (2003).

Early childhood education is a very important stage of education in the hierarchy of education that each child must pass through. This stage of education has grown substantially in the United States as from the second half of the twentieth century and its benefits have been anonymously felt by both the parents and teachers at the elementary level of education. Childhood education has several types of programs and also referred with different names like preschool and kindergarten (pre-K). One of the main purpose of childhood education is to improve the child’s brain capacity to soak up ideas. Child’s ability to grasp and maintain new ideas start as early as from 3 years Jason (2004), at this stage the child has a very high potential of learning new things thus improving his/her language and communication skills which are very important aspects of education as the child enrolls in primary school.

Education promotes social skills among the children as they enroll in these school they are able to interact with other children of their age from different economic status. They create new friend, learn how to assist one another in case of a problem, learn problem management skills as well as problem solving skills and proper behavior under the guidance of their teachers.

Early childhood education acts also as a good chance to access child’s abilities and disabilities by both the parent the teacher. A good education program should be able to identify child’s talents and work towards developing that talent, it should also be able to identify the child’s weaknesses, teach the child his/her weakness in order to grow a well-rounded student who will be beneficial even to the society. According to Capistrano Unified School District Early Childhood Education Program most of the talents which have been grown in the United States of America have been identified from children during their childhood education programs.

Early childhood education programs also prepares the children for the elementary school education. This program get the kids ready for transition into the primary school education, states the US Department of education. At this stage the children are able to learn letters, numbers and colors although the reading skills might not be very important at this stage the listening skills that the child will develop at this stage are very important to his/her future education life.

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