Android Based Home Automation System Using Bluetooth & Voice Command

  1. Introduction:

In this modern era of development, automation of everything is the need of the hour. The basic aim of any development is to ease the human life. Home automation aims at automating the human lives. Activating the home appliances without conventional switch but by using a smart phone is known as home automation. Home automation is the use of one or more computerized remotes to control basic home functions and features remotely and sometimes automatically. An automated home is sometimes called a smart home. In present day world, more emphasis is put on wireless technology. It is because; wired networks are messy and really complicated. These wireless technologies have impacted human life in a positive manner and human development speed has increased fore fold. The main wireless technologies used in home automation are GSM, Internet, Cloud and Bluetooth. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. But Bluetooth based home automation systems have way more advantages. Devices can be connected from a range of 10m to 100m and this range can be increased by using picante architecture. Also the frequency used for Bluetooth is 2.4GHz, which is globally available. The speed that can be fetched for Bluetooth services is up to 3Mbps. It is these basic advantages that have driven us to the idea of developing a Bluetooth based home automation system.

  1. Literature Survey

The idea of automation can be dated back to 1800s, when Nikola Tesla developed the idea of having a remote control for vessels and vehicles in 1896. Read more