Religious Studies

Criminal Justice

Politicians are the only people tasked with the mandate of making laws of any particular country, this grants them a lot of powers to influence the decisions made by criminal justice agencies. Media is described as a source of power and information to the people hence the activities of different media platforms also have a lot of influence of the operation of criminal justices agencies.

            Media seems to instill racial stereotype and connecting certain tribes to criminal activities according to Joseph Cappella and Kathlenn Hall. A lot of media coverage nowadays on criminal activities is centered to given tribes who associated themselves to criminal activities may be to protect their religion beliefs. This has led to implementation of strict policies by justice agencies given countries which tent to target these tribes has a way of cubing criminal activities; a good example on this is the travel ban law of some Muslim countries passed by United States.

            Media has also been so much concerned on how justice is passed to citizen especially to the innocent people who have been convicted. In this case, media has come out to champion for the rights of such people informing them of their right and that because they are wrongly convicted they can challenge the courts through appeals leading to their release. In order to avoid cases of wrongly convicting someone the criminal justices agencies have been forced to put in place some measures like promoting DNA test and other mechanisms to avoid miscarriage of justice….get more