Exams are the main source of stress to students, they come with a lot of pressure that students find it difficult to cope up with. The school expects you to pass otherwise you won’t be able to progress to the other semester, your parents also expect you to pass because they have invested in you. To make sure that you do well in your exams here are some of the tips for you:
• Study Space: Organize your study space by ensuring you have enough space to spread your books and notes, lights are on, your chair is comfortable and computer games are out of sight.
• Visual aids: Use diagrams and charts while revising because as they are very helpful and engaging.
• Past exams: Practice using past exams, as this helps you familiarize with the format of the questions and also to time yourself.
• Study groups: Organize study groups with friends as this will help you to challenge yourself and better understand concepts.
• Explain your answers to others as this helps you to master what you have read, it can be your brothers, sisters and/or parents.
• Regular Breaks: Take regular breaks as you study; avoid junk food and instead opt for healthier meals.
• Set your own course: You’re in the room, and you have the exam. Before you even look at it, use the blank side of the booklet, or the extra paper provided, to write down any ideas you’re worried you might forget
. • Survey the Exam: Review the entire exam and identify where points are heavily weighted. Decide where you want to begin. Start with an easy “warm-up” question, or jump right into the hardest part, whatever works best for you.
• Plan your answers: and figure out how much time you’ll spend on each section. If you decide not to follow the given order of questions, mark the answers clearly and make sure you get to everything.

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